CALCORIO is a recipe calculator for the game Factorio by Wube Software. You are able to select all relevant data to calculate the best factory for your map, e.g. your core version and the recipe cost. If you want to know, how many assemblies you need for each recipe, choose the "rate" feature and select an amount per second.

The development of CALCORIO started in 2017 by two german students from Stuttgart Media University in their third semester (Computer Science and Media).

Our plans for the future of CALCORIO:

  • Responsive design
  • Calculation with modules (speed, productivity)
  • Calculate amount of mining drills
  • Add support for multiple output recipes (e.g if you want to build a sub-factory for all military or science)
  • Add uranium processing
  • Blueprint platform for sharing your blueprints
  • Option to select your current assemblies and bonuses, to optimize the recipe for early- and late-game.

If you have any further ideas or wishes, please let us know at 'info@calcorio.com'

Stay up-to-date by following our forum post at 'forums.factorio.com'

Please try out the "scaling" feature and use the slider to select a different scaling factor than the default one (default is 1). If you can't find a fitting value, please let us know, so that we can fix this in future releases. You can send us an email to 'info@calcorio.com'.

We would appreciate, if you could send us an email to 'info@calcorio.com' and describe the bug you've found. Please try to describe in detail what you've done, before the bug occurred. Thanks!