Major features

  • Selection of core version
  • For versions 15.0.x and higher: support for expensive costs
  • Rate: fix amount or amount per second
  • Download functionality for all recipes


  • En-/Disable connection arrows
  • Possibility to highlight connection arrows
  • Option for scaling the output (for smaller/larger screens)
  • KeyHandler for quick access to mainly used functions


  • Wrong calculation, when less than one item is needed

Major Features

  • Selection of recipes with ingame-alike crafting menu
  • Sharing via URL
  • Add support for multiple output recipes (e.g if you want to build a sub-factory for all military or science)


  • New design for recipe pop-up
  • Added Rocket recipe (e.g. in 0.15.19: 100 rocket parts + 1 satellite). We named the recipe "shuttle".
  • Added recipe for "space science pack"